AKL Build 2018 Exhibitor Video Form

Thank you for your Rapid Fire Social Video booking.  To ensure the process runs efficiently please take a moment to complete the form below so we have all the information needed to have your social video uploaded within 3 hours of shooting.


  1. Shoot video
  2. Edit video
  3. Email draft for your review (remember this is a raw/interview-style video, not a tv commercial so authentic is more powerful than ‘perfect’)
  4. You approve draft by email confirmation – if not approved email your edit requests back to us
  5. Once approved you will have a copy to upload and if you have ticked for us to share we will go ahead and share via AKL Build and Builders Base social networks.
  6. If there is anything extra you need during the show just let us know, we’re happy to help!

AKL Build 2018 Exhibitor Information