7 ways a SocialSite can catapult your building business into the future

Ok, we’re excited. Our latest product, The Rich Training SocialSites are flying out the door. Our developers are busy making stuff happen for our trusted clients and they are reaping the rewards of this All-In-One Website Service.

Say hello to the new SocialSite for David Irvin from Exquisite Homes.

Before the SocialSite David did not have any web presence, and now he’s positioned himself as the leading home renovator in the Redcliffe Bay Area,  Queensland.

How did this all happen with a website, you ask? 


Here’s how David’s SocialSite is different from your average site.

1/ David’s SocialSite has attractive sliding banners as the first thing you see when you arrive at the site, all with a unique “Call To Action” (that’s a button where you can Learn More!) and a short description or testimonial.

2/ A “Live Chat” feature pops up greeting the guest asking them if they have any questions. Remarkably, this feature goes directly to Davids Phone!


3/ “The Services” are laid out beautifully underneath of an easy to read [More Details Here] button.

4/ The LIVE “Instagram” stream follows closely behind with beautiful up-to-date images of David’s day to day activities and achievements at work.

if that doesn’t make you want to scroll deeper the next part will… !

5/ The next section is; “Why Choose Us” This is how David can showcase his credibility with his Badges of Expertise.

6/ Following that is “Testimonials” on a scrolling banner that allows you to see first hand what people are saying about their experience working with David.


7/ Then, THIS IS OUR FAVORITE!! The user will see a custom-made “Lead Magnet”, which in layman’s terms means; a cool way to generate well-qualified leads from only interested buyers. 

The title says; “9 must know secrets to building the perfect outdoor area”

– If this interests you, you will fill out your details and be added to David’s “Email Marketing System (EMS)” database and be on your way to being educated about David’s company with a series of automated emails!

[Learn More about EMS Systems HERE]


8/ A “Gallery” of your most recent projects will appear on your SocialSite when you upload an album on Facebook – Automatically.

9/ Now, scroll on up to the Menu Bar and Click “News” – this is where you see David’s latest Blog Posts which can be managed on his phone or desktop computer via the Tumblr APP or Directly from Instagram, which ALSO… Wait for it… Builds a monthly Newsletter that is dispatched to David’s database once per month.


Why a SocialSite?

A SocialSite is designed from the ground up to make your life so much easier than it used to be by automating a lot of those technical tasks which tends to suck your time dry.

Think of it as a Home-Base for all your marketing needs. A site which speaks to each and every department while you sleep! Now that’s pretty cool…

To learn more, simply head over Here and take a browse  ~ https://richtraining.com.au/socialsites.php