Auckland’s City Rail Link 3D flyover & station map

City Rail Link CEO, Sean Sweeney, says the milestone marks the start of the last stage of the Albert Street works before the road can be reinstated and returned to road users and pedestrians – expected late 2020.

“Anyone who has walked, cycled or driven past the Albert Street site over the last three years will have seen just how much work is underway to get this complete, “he says. “The team has been working very hard to get to this point, relocating services, piling, supporting utility services, bulk excavation and constructing the tunnel box itself.”

Backfilling of the trench up to road level will take until mid-2019 to complete and it will take a total of 50,000m3 of materials to fill it. That’s the equivalent of 20 Olympic-size swimming pools.

People using Albert Street will see an excavator sitting on the construction deck moving materials down onto the roof. The project team will then use small diggers to spread the backfill within it.

Mr Sweeney says the project is grateful for the support of those who work on, live on and travel along Albert Street during this busy construction period.

“Building New Zealand’s largest transport project in the middle of a built-up city is no small task and it is not without its impacts,” he says. “We’re grateful for the patience and understanding of our neighbours as we work to complete the project as quickly as possible.”

City Rail Link is not just about a rail project so a lot of careful thought is being given into the opportunities presented when the construction teams leave.

When the CRL work in Albert Street is done, it’s a chance to upgrade the street – and especially ensuring a high quality public space for workers and business owners along the route. Wider footpaths… trees… bus lanes… pedestrian-friendly. Here is the latest fly-through video so you can get a concept of how the street will look.

For more route maps visit City Rail Link’s website

Source: City Rail Link