BC Update 243: Acceptable Solution and Verification Method amendments November 2018

Seven Acceptable Solutions and four Verification Methods for complying with the New Zealand Building Code have been amended. Changes are effective from 30 November 2018.

A large number of Building Code System documents require updating periodically to remain current with sector innovations and best practice.  MBIE has started a Bi-Annual Building Code System Update programme to assist with this.  This means there are two consultation periods every year in February/March and August/September about proposed changes to Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods. Amendments are published in June and November.

This move to a Bi-Annual Building Code System Update responds to sector feedback that previous updates have been ad hoc in nature, that stakeholders want more lead-in time to provide submissions, and they do not want lengthy consultation documents. The new programme will provide the sector more advanced notice of consultations, ensure relevant documents remain up-to-date, and give clarity, certainty and consistency.

The first consultation period in this new programme took place from 8 August to 21 September 2018. Amendments were proposed to eleven Acceptable Solutions and Verifications Methods, and it was proposed to revoke the Simple House Acceptable Solution.

Overall 29 submissions were received, the majority supporting the proposed changes. Some submitters commented on other matters and these have been noted for future consideration. The published amendments will follow the proposals except that the Simple House Acceptable Solution will not be revoked at this time.

MBIE appreciates the time and effort put into the submissions and would like to thank all those who participated.