Charge your tools securely and safely with new LOCKERPOWER

Stolen batteries is a sad but common event on building sites, but that and many other constant hassles around charging batteries has just been solved with this very clever lockable charging station from NZ based Lockerpower.


  • 10 individual secure lockers
  • 1 double 10amp GPO (general power outlet) in each locker
  • 2 USB points in each locker
  • Users own security padlock
  • 1 locker for disposal of batteries
  • 1 locker for storage
  • Test and Tag for 3 months / Warranty for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • Less than 1980mm high to move through standard doorways, 450mm deep and 900mm wide
  • Built on wheels for easy relocation around factory / building site
  • Clear doors to see availability of locker and charge light status
  • Powdercoated tough aluminum / steel locker
  • Each locker is wired to its own 10amp RCD circuit breaker, meaning one faulty battery charger won’t disrupt the continuation of charging other batteries
  • Main switch is connected to a timer set to company operating hours or as required
  • Whole unit is earthed
  • Cable is designed to take 30amp including a 30amp plug. Options to fix a lower rated plug to suit your workshop power supply.

Visit LOCKERPOWER for pricing, rental options and to view at their Penrose branch.