Chicken Hot Pot Lunch on Site: CHEAP and just 4 ingredients

Full of flavour, four ingredients (plus veges) and super easy. Here’s what I would do when working on site or just can’t be bothered but don’t want to pay $50 for delivery pizza. Plus full of protein and fibre.

One Pot Chicken Casserole (serves 2 big plates – double if needed)

  • Chicken – chunked – 200grams per person EG 2 chicken breasts or 4 thighs for two meals) Brown with butter or oil first til half cooked if you can
  • Add Potatoes/Kumara or other root vege chunked (ratio is half veges half meat)
  • Once coated in oil for a few mins add Watties Indian or Moroccan Tomato Cans x 2 let bubble/simmer  You can add some stock too or added fibre with a few lentils or barley – about a tablespoon per serving. Stir in spinach if you are low in iron. a dash of butter or oil at the end really seals the deal.
  • Add other Veges – whatever you have  – chop and add eg courgettes, grated carrot – if you aren’t keen on veges – grate them into things like this or spag bol.
  • Seasoning: you may like more salt or a teaspoon of sugar to round out the taste.

Chuck it all in a pot and slow cook for an hour.

This is good hot or cold. Take a gas burner to site to heat – or throw the whole damn lot in a slow cooker and put on when you get there! Bingo ready for lunch.