Construction Management 101: The ultimate guide

Construction management (CM) is a long and extremely demanding process. It’s the foundation for every building project and the key to its success. The main purpose of construction management is to sharply control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of quality, cost and time. It covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities and it spreads to many different fields (construction, engineering, law, software etc).

For that reason, the role of a construction manager is considered to be fundamental. To ensure a project’s progress, a competent project manager with a plethora of competencies and skills is required. Building projects are in constant need for last minute changes and in that aspect, a strong team leader who can maintain stability and facilitate the coordination between the team members is a must.

Without further ado, let’s have a close look at the core processes and principles of construction management. It’s going to be a long but very informative journey!


  1. Construction management definition
  2. Construction manager: Duties and responsibilities
  3. The role of a general contractor
  4. Construction management 101: The key functions
  5. Winning a construction project
  6. Construction management phases
  7. Construction management and scheduling
  8. Choosing the right construction project management software
  9. Construction progress documentation
  10. Construction risk management
  11. Keeping up with risk in construction project management
  12. Construction management process on site
  13. Common causes of project failure
  14. Dispute resolution in construction management
  15. Managing change in construction project management
  16. 35 questions all construction managers should ask
  17. Top 5 construction management books
  18. Top 50 construction management schools
  19. Synopsis