Construction Sector Accord welcomes industry leaders to the Accord Steering Group and Transformation Delivery Group

The Construction Sector Accord is proud to welcome the addition of several experienced industry and government professionals to the Accord Steering Group (ASG) and the Transformation Delivery Group (TDG) to direct and transform the industry’s future, announced Chris Bunny and Peter Reidy, ASG Co-Chairs.

Members of the ASG are responsible for oversight and governance of the Accord programme, as well as acting as an advisor to government on emerging sector issues. The Transformation Delivery Group is responsible for the design and delivery of the Transformation Plan’s workstreams and seeking wider support for sector change.

“The Construction Sector Accord will benefit from the expertise and innovation of our new members to help us achieve a safer, better skilled and more productive industry, and to help lead the industry through the impacts of COVID-19,” says Chris Bunny.

Joining the Accord Steering Group are Ross Copland, Chief Executive, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission – Te Waihanga; Nicole Rosie, Chief Executive, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency; and Judi Keith-Brown, President of Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects.

Judi Keith-Brown says the Construction Sector Accord has succeeded in bringing together professionals of diverse backgrounds from across the industry.

“The Construction Sector Accord responded to COVID-19 with an outstanding level of industry collaboration, leadership and urgency – that momentum is now focussed on ensuring we have a united and resilient construction sector.

“From the point of view of those at the design end of the construction industry – architects, engineers, and landscape architects – while “shovel ready” projects will help in the short term, we need to make a path for a future stream of similar work. I’m proud to be representing this part of the sector on the Steering Group and look forward to working with all parts of the sector to get us through this turbulent time,” says Judi Keith-Brown.

Joining the Transformation Delivery Group are Kevin Lavery, General Manager, Sector Consulting – Society of Local Government Managers; John Sneyd, General Manager, Building System Performance – MBIE; Peter Murray, General Manager Major Projects and Advisory, New Zealand Infrastructure Commission; Duncan Kenderdine, Executive General Manager Strategy and Development, Downer NZ; and Chelydra Percy, BRANZ CEO.

Chelydra Percy will lead the Construction Sector Transformation Plan’s new environment workstream. Chelydra says she is thrilled to see the addition of the environment workstream and is delighted to be leading this work.

“The workstream presents a significant opportunity to leverage great work already happening across industry and government and to identify the collective actions we can progress in this important and urgent area,” says Chelydra Percy.

“BRANZ is a multi-faceted, science-led organisation. We use independent research and systems knowledge to identify practical solutions that improve New Zealand’s building system performance. This means we are very well placed to support the Accord.

“I look forward to bringing our perspective and building on the commitment industry leaders and government have made to find pragmatic solutions to the industry’s issues together,” she says.

Chris Bunny and Peter Reidy thanked the sector leaders who were leaving the Accord Steering Group and Transformation Delivery Group.

“Retiring members have been instrumental in the development of the programme and have been crucial in setting the bar and driving the Accord principles and behaviours in the sector,” says Chris Bunny.