Get HomeFit certified with NZGBC

We offer a comprehensive training webinar on HomeFit. Anyone may participate in the free webinar, but participants who are interested in gaining a qualification and operating as a HomeFit assessor will need to meet the prerequisite qualifications outlined below.

HomeFit assessor training

The HomeFit training webinar focuses on teaching an in-depth understanding of HomeFit and the assessment process. Participants will be able to become a qualified HomeFit assessor and receive a subscription to the online tool. The course includes a presentation followed by a live Q&A.

After the successful completion of the training and exam, assessors will be required to pay the HomeFit subscription fee and sign the HomeFit Assessor Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions under which they agree to operate as a HomeFit assessor.

This qualification verifies your knowledge on the HomeFit assessment tool.

Requirements to attain the assessor qualification

1. Prerequisite qualification. Participants need to meet either one of the following qualifications:

  • Home Performance Advisor
  • Home Energy Awareness
  • Eco Design Advisor
  • Member of NZIBI (NZ Institute of Building Inspectors)
  • Member of BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of NZ)
  • Member of NZIBS (NZ Institute of Building Surveyors)

2. Complete the application form and register to the webinar training.

All potential attendees must complete and submit the HomeFit Assessor Application form. Your enrolment in the course is conditional on this form being approved; please register your interest by emailing [email protected] with completed Assessor declaration form.

Costs and renewals

The subscription fee is $200 for one year. To maintain the qualification, participants will need to pay a renewal fee each year.

Renewal, CPD and other professional development points.

Holders of HomeFit qualifications are required to renew their qualifications every year. Information on qualifications’ renewal can be found on the website here.

Get involved

Please register your interest now by completing the application form or email us if you would like to find out more about assessment and subscription fees.

Become a HomeFit Installer

The HomeFit online check gives consumers an indication of how close they are to achieving the standard and if close, how to have the home independently assessed. If there are improvements needing to be done first, these are included in a detailed report, along with the opportunity to contact an installer directly from the HomeFit app. If you would like to become a HomeFit installer please email us here.