GIB EZYBRACE® Update for light steel framing software

Following an update to GIB EzyBrace® Systems in 2016 for timber frame buildings within the scope of NZS3604:2011, Winstone Wallboards is pleased to announce an update to GIB EzyBrace® Systems for light steel frame buildings. Developed in conjunction with the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH), updated design software and technical literature for use with proprietor light steel framing systems is now available.

To download the latest GIB EzyBrace® design software and technical literature visit

For further technical assistance call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442. Table: GIB EzyBrace®

The update to light steel frame systems includes: Updated – GIB EzyBrace® Bracing Design Software Offers can improve user interface with a simplified bracing design process. Available for both Microsoft and Mac operating systems NEW – Bracing with GS2s-NOM The new GIB® Bracing Element GS2s-NOM, allows internal steel frame walls lined with GIB® plasterboard on both sides and fastened off as per GS2sNOM specifications to contribute towards bracing resistance.

This encourages more even bracing distribution throughout the building, while also potentially reducing the amount of fasteners and bracing elements such as GS1s and GS2s.