Got A Trade? Got it Made! Paris talks about her carpentry apprenticeship

Coming from a family renowned in the hairdressing industry, Paris already knew she wanted to get a trade, however hairdressing wasn’t the right fit for her.

Paris went on to working on a sheep and beef farm, she found the job lonely (“It’s a good job, just not for me”), so she started looking around for another physical and rewarding hands-on job.

Inspired by her Mum, a Design Technology teacher, her grandfather, who made walking sticks for his mates out of oak on his property, and her brother-in-law who’s a builder, Paris started working for MB Brown and over the last year has entered into her carpentry apprenticeship.

Paris loves the sense of achievement that comes with building; of standing back and seeing what she’s built at the end of the day. Her work involves building and renovating houses, demolition and commercial work.

Source: BCITO