How ChCh company VAICO vastly improved the inspection process with Plangrid

VAICO, a New Zealand-based seismic bracing design and engineering company, have played a major role in streamlining the process of seismic compliance for non-structural building services in the rebuild of Christchurch and further afield in New Zealand.

Blueprints for these buildings were often outdated. Some of the older buildings did not have any traceable plans. When available, paper prints were the standard, which made accountability very difficult for inspection and relaying critical information.

PlanGrid soon proved to be just what VAICO needed. In an environment where the final construction drawings often don’t reflect true as-built or field conditions, VAICO needed a smarter way to survey the field conditions and relay the correct information back to their design team (predominantly based in California). The PlanGrid app made a sizeable difference when surveying large projects with numerous building services and systems by providing a cloud-based platform where information could be shared internationally in real-time.

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Source: Plangrid NZ