Immigrant workers in NZ construction – guide

Working in the construction industry in New Zealand might be different from your country. How Kiwis work, communicate and interact is unique.

It can take time to adjust to living and working in a new country. It is also important to have the information and support you and your family need, even if you are here on a temporary visa.

This guide from MBIE will help you understand what it is like to work in construction, how to keep yourself safe and where to get advice and support.

About working in construction in New Zealand

Some things migrants say are different about working in construction in New Zealand are:

  • materials, building methods and building standards
  • having to follow New Zealand health and safety laws on the worksite
  • informal communication styles at work
  • weather conditions that change quickly.

You may also find there are more women and workers from different cultures working in construction than you are used to. You may hear other languages spoken on the worksite, as well as some Māori words and local slang.

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