How important is Auckland’s environment to you?

Auckland’s population is growing rapidly, bringing benefits like new jobs, housing construction and investment. Unfortunately, this population growth has a downside for our environment.

Environmental challenges: kauri dieback, polluted beaches, species extinction

  • Our kauri in the Waitākere Ranges are under threat from dieback disease, and may be wiped out if urgent action is not taken.
  • Our beaches are polluted by sewage run-off caused by wastewater systems that can’t cope with heavy rainfall.
  • Two-thirds of Auckland’s native species are at risk of extinction.

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Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee Chair, Councillor Penny Hulse, calls for Aucklanders to share their views on how such issues should be addressed.

“Our environment is important to all of us. It’s not just kauri and water – we need to turn our minds to the challenges that the next generation will face, and all those that will follow.”

“What do they want us to focus on to ensure that their Auckland is even better?”

What do you think we should do?

The Auckland Plan 2050 and our environmental challenges

The Auckland Plan 2050 sets the long-term direction for Auckland and looks at the important challenges we need to face. It aims to create a balance between growth and environmental protection to ensure that our natural environment doesn’t suffer from further damage and is restored and enhanced for future generations.

Under the draft Auckland Plan, protecting the environment is not the responsibility of one organisation but is an obligation for all Aucklanders – we all need to act as stewards and make sustainable choices.

The plan offers a range of new directions and outcomes to ensure the environment is valued and cared for, and applies a Māori worldview that reinforces the connection between people and our collective cultural environment.

Have your say

It is important to have your say on these pressing issues.

The draft Auckland Plan 2050 is out for consultation from 28 February to 28 March, alongside the 10-year Budget.

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Source: Auckland Council