Leftovers – Good for your health and your wallet

Most of us are spending on average over $20 plus everyday buying convenient food and drinks instead of taking more healthy and low cost leftovers or home made lunches.

Is this you?

Morning tea: Pie and a V $6

Lunch: Subway and drink $10

On the way home: Another pie and drink $6

That’s $22 easy – plus a whole lot of bad fats, sugar, salt and not a lot of nutrition.

Solution: Make extra the night before and take it for lunch. Sounds simple and it is, just takes some forward planning and some decent lunchboxes.   Doing this will help you get your 5+ a day, be tastier, have a lot less fat and probably more protein.  Plus if you take your own big bottle of water you will halve your daily food bill leaving you with an extra $50 or so each week!