Nuralite – making Magic with Membranes

Nuraply Everguard TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a single-ply thermoplastic membrane used for waterproofing flat roofs, decks and gutters. The product is a trusted solution that has been delivering in heritage, commercial and residential applications for more than half a century.

Made by US manufacturer GAF, the product has intensive ultra violet and heat resistance, with a light reflective value (LVR) of 0.72, meaning it’s extremely durable and effective in our demanding weather conditions.

Nuraply Everguard delivers to architects needing a reliable waterproofing product to specify on the flat roof, deck or gutter they are designing. It also supports homeowners seeking a product to waterproof their new build flat roof or deck.

TPO systems combine the best performance characteristics of thermo-plastics (such as PVC) and elastomerics (like EPDM), to ensure optimum installation and performance. Available in long, wide rolls with 30.5m x 3m dimensions, Nuraply Everguard has fewer visible seams and overlaps on its finished surface, providing a cleaner result.

The membrane is highly flexible, 1.5mm thick and puncture resistant. It comes with a range of approved accessories to produce a fully warranted system. Substitutable for torch-on membranes, Nuraply Everguard’s fast, easy installation saves money and helps keep projects on schedule. Environmentally friendly, it is also easy to clean and maintain.

Light-coloured membranes are recommended for New Zealand and are designed to reflect sunlight from the roof’s surface, helping prevent heat being absorbed into the building structure. Reflecting 90 percent of the sun’s light, Nuraply Everguard membranes produce significant energy savings, lower power bills and consistent living temperatures for owners.

The Nuralite website has full product information, with case studies, a design guide for flat roof design, full technical specifications and an applicator list. Talking to a technical advisor using the online chat option allows discussion of project-specific details.

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