NZ Building Industry Regulation and Compliance Conference 19 – 20 Mar 2018 AKL

Practical implications and legal insight for the building and construction industries.

Crown Plaza 19 – 20 Mar 2018 Click for more information and to register

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The building and construction industries are one of the largest industries in New Zealand. The construction industry alone is the fifth largest and it employs 171,000 people, which is over 7% of the workforce, per the Construction Report published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. This is a resource heavy industry and brings with it challenges and risks relating to health and safety, building consents, labour, disputes and much more.
The New Zealand Building Industry Regulation and Compliance Conference pledges to uncover the root of the issues and provide suitable solutions whilst complying with the regulations. The key themes of this conference are:
• Regulation review and update
• Resourcing the construction boom: Priorities for policy
• Earthquake buildings – regulatory update
• Building and constructing the future: Shaping the regulatory framework for the future
And will put forward industry experts from different sectors to share their knowledge on topics relating to:
• Leaky buildings
• Construction Contract
• Earthquake Prone Buildings Amendment Act
• And more!
This is your opportunity to learn, network and grow from not only industry experts but your peers as well. A chance for you to understand the legislation updates as well as the practical application of the law and how you (or your business) can stay compliant.