NZ’s first website dedicated to new homes

A new online platform will make it easier than ever for Kiwis to build new homes by bringing together everything they need in one place.

With the growing demand for housing in New Zealand, there is an increasing need for more Kiwis to build new homes. But it’s an intimidating and stressful process, with more than 2000 building companies alone, all with separate websites.

That’s why Graeham Chapman and his team have built New Homes ( – an innovative, single online marketplace that brings together New Zealand’s top builders, along with housing developments, land and showhomes.

With eight years’ experience as a leading sales consultant in the industry, Chapman saw an opportunity to simplify the process for new home buyers.

“The industry has always been very fragmented, leaving it up to new home buyers to piece it together,” he says. “There are other websites out there offering people access to sections or apartments, for example, but none of them bring together everything home builders need in one place.

“Kiwis have had to search through countless websites and sales documents trying to understand the process of finding land, choosing the right builder, deciding on a home design, working out how to finance their home, and so on. It’s been a hugely complicated process.

“Now, there’s one website people can visit to guide them through the home build process and find the best options available. We’re proud to launch this game-changer for New Zealand.”

A growing number of Kiwis are building in New Zealand, with more than 30,000 new homes consented in the year to June – up 4.7 per cent on the year before, according to Statistics NZ. However, this is still falling below demand, with an estimated shortfall of around 9000 new homes compared to what was needed to meet demand in the year ending June 2017.

Chapman wants to help tackle that problem – and he received extra motivation to create the New Homes website when his aunt’s family had difficulty navigating the process of building a home.


“They’d just had their first child and were struggling to find the right builder. They were searching on so many different websites and they didn’t understand terminology like ‘turnkey’ and ‘progressive payments’.


“They said to me, ‘This process has been so stressful – I wish everything was just in one place’. It was a big push for me to realise I needed to create this tool.”


The New Homes platform is an easy-to-use website that has:

  • Only New Zealand’s most reputable and trusted builders
  • All showhomes throughout the country
  • All subdivisions
  • All off-plan apartments
  • Easy step-by-step guide to the building process


Chapman says will soon expand to include household product suppliers, utility companies, and insurance, finance and fibre/broadband providers.


The website is solely focused on new homes, rather than the real estate industry as a whole. This allows New Homes to provide specific, targeted advice to better assist new home buyers.


Independently owned, New Homes is not affiliated with any particular builder and aims to show New Zealanders the most relevant builders and suppliers for them.


More features are planned for the website in the near future, including allowing people to search by school zones.


Visit the New Homes site at



Graeham Chapman
New Homes founder
021 032 4635

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