HiKOKI unveils new 850 hp speedway car with Jamie McDonald in the hot seat

We’re proud to unveil the stunning looking #71 Sprint Car in its new HiKOKI livery for the 2018/19 Speedway Season.

Jamie McDonald and the #71 team is a key brand partner for HiKOKI, arguably the most professional and well set up Sprint Car team in New Zealand. With uncompromising standards and attention to detail, harnessing in excess of 850 Horse Power and driving at extreme speeds in a highly competitive field, this is a team out to win.

Working doggedly through the winter of 2018 to build an entirely new car to coincide with the launch of the new HiKOKI brand, the new car looks fantastic, and will play a significant part in HiKOKI’s marketing around New Zealand as the new Speedway season kicks off.

With so much power on tap, to succeed at this high performance sport is all about combining the best gear, the best technology, and best tuning and know-how to cross the line ahead of your competitors, race after race, week after week. For Jamie and his crew, not only is safety absolutely critical – making sure you have state of the art equipment, but endurance and the ability to withstand whatever Speedway throws at you is an essential trait. This highly competitive racing often goes hand in hand with crashes, meaning that on  a race night anything can happen and any part of the car may need urgent repair or change out – wheels, a diff, wings, steering components, or even an entire engine replaced.

In situations like this you need high quality, highly reliable tools, that can operate effectively away from the workshop and provide the team with the ability to undertake major repairs under immense time pressure. That’s why Jamie chooses HiKOKI Power Tools – power tools that are dependable, high powered, and ultimately contribute to the legendary high performance that the #71 team is renowned for.