‘Pain to Profit’ industry experts host Christchurch event for construction co owners

Has your building company become hard work?

Do you remember when things were easier? Back when there weren’t too many jobs on the go? When you didn’t have many staff to look after? When you could see and touch everything that was going on in the business?

Get access to some great expertise that will get you kick-started on a new way of operating. Spaces are limited.

E3 Business Accountants, 94 Disraeli Street, Christchurch.  Monday 19 March 2018 6:00pm – 7:30pm. Drinks and food provided.

As building companies grow, it is easy to lose control and end up in a lot of pain – and now your staff are stressed, your clients not quite as happy as they used to be, you (and your team) are working more hours than anyone should have to, and you just aren’t seeing the right profit to compensate for all that hard work.

Are you ready to do something about this?

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right systems, processes, and guidance you can get rid of this pain – and start delivering the profits you deserve for the work you put into the business.

The workshop:

In this workshop we will show you the steps that others like you have gone through to get back in control of their building companies – a challenge that we believe you can achieve for your own business in 90 days. Come and experience the latest software and management tools designed to make work easier, your clients happier, and to increase your competitiveness in a tightening market.

Whatever the size of your operation, these modern approaches tools are flexible enough to suit, have proven to be easy to use, and make a dramatic difference. Come and see why others are choosing to use them.


– Vaughan Luckman – Lead Consultant/Director, Luckman & Associates (Business Improvement Specialists)

Vaughan has worked with many building companies across New Zealand and Australia to help them streamline the way they operate, and implement project management software to enable control and growth. Vaughan will share some war stories of bringing back businesses from the edge, and show how you can go from always ‘reacting’ to running on autopilot.

– Jamie Tulloch – Managing Director, E3 Business Accountants

Jamie and E3 specialise in providing tailored accounting services to the construction industry. They are not the accountant that you see once a year at tax time – instead they partner with you to help ensure financial success of your business. Jamie will talk about the value that can be gained from having the right professional partners linked in with your business, and the strategies you can employ to increase your margins and the bottom line.

– Mike Blackburn – MBA – Business Management, Systems & Strategy

I am a Business Management Specialist and I help construction businesses improve the way they run.  Your sector require specialised management and administrative support and often an independent take on the way your business or organisation is running.

With more than 20 years’ experience in senior management roles across a range of industry sectors, I have seen both the good and the bad in the way that commercial businesses are run and managed.


Come along to the E3 office for an informative evening – bring your questions and get access to some great expertise that will get you kick-started on a new way of operating.

Entry is free, with drinks and food provided – but please register your attendance. Limited on-site parking but plenty on the street.

E3 Business Accountants, 94 Disraeli Street, Christchurch

Monday 19 March 2018 6:00pm – 7:30pm

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