Pilot controlled multifunction joystick one of many improvements to the Kubota R540 wheel loader

The all new R540 Kubota compact wheel loader arrives in New Zealand with a range of new features designed to deliver improved operator comfort and useability.

Showcasing a redesigned cabin, multi-function joystick and an increase in rated operating capacity, the R540 combines comfort and smoother operation with functional stability.

Senior Product Manager for Kubota New Zealand Lars Pasedag said the new R540 cab and canopy model will continue the success of its predecessor the R065 and maintain its legacy.

“We’re excited to improve our compact wheel loader range. The R540 has the same base platform as the R065, but added space, an improved dash design and updated multi-function joystick in the R540 results in better visibility and more intuitive operation across both the cab and canopy models,” Mr Pasedag said.

“By moving the control switches to the right-hand console, the new dash is a lot simpler and reduced in size. Not only is there more space for the operator, but the less cluttered dash results in a better view to the front wheels.”

The R540 has seen big improvements through the introduction of the pilot controlled multi-function joystick. By integrating the auxiliary valve button, the innovative multi-function joystick removes the need for the separate lever previously found in the R065. This enables the user to operate the joystick with one hand, improving functionality.

“The new pilot control operated joystick and its smoother operation is in response to customer feedback, allowing users to open the four-in-one bucket while lifting or crowding. It’s a seamless step-up for operators,” Mr Pasedag said.

Reinforcements have been made to the main frame where the loader arm mounts, allowing for the new loader arm to taper in towards the cab, improving operator visibility. Combined with the extended wheelbase, rated operating capacity increases by two per cent. 

Powered by a 51.0 horsepower V2607 engine with 2615 cubic centimetre, the R540’s engine reaches Tier 4 Final emissions with the addition of Common Rail technology and diesel particulate filter, resulting in a cleaner burning engine that reduces environmental impact.

“We are really excited to bring the new R540 to market and deliver an improved compact loader,” Mr Pasedag said.    

The R540 is part of Kubota’s compact wheel loader range, visit kubota.co.nz to find your closest Kubota dealership.

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Source: Kubota NZ