PODCASTS: Vertical & Horizontal Construction Site Protocols Alert Level 3

This round of podcasts are from the CHASANZ website.



Physical Distancing Guide Part 1 of 2.

General Working Arrangement, External Interfaces, Site Entry, Site Meetings, Avoiding Close Working, Toilet Facilities.


Physical Distancing Guide Part 2 of 2

Eating Arrangements, Changing Facilities, Showers and Drying Rooms, General Hygiene, Smoking, Hand Washing


5 Step Guide to Alert Level 3

Before Arriving On Site, Site Entry, Site Operations, Leaving Site, Management Protocols


Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs


Correct Use of Face Masks


Dealing with Confirmed or Suspected Covid-19 Cases


Transportation / Vehicles Under Alter Level 3


Using Gloves On Site


Manager’s Checklist for Alert Level 3