BC Update 210: Pool Manufacturers and Retailers – 2 March 2017 – No. 210

From 1 September 2017, manufacturers and retailers must supply notices with pools informing consumers that the pool must have barriers that restrict access by young children.

For example, the barrier could be a 1.2m high fence surrounding the pool, or a safety cover for a small heated pool such as a spa pool or hot tub.

This notice requirement applies to pools that can be filled with water to a depth of 400mm or more.

People must apply for a building consent before installing barriers for residential pools, other than safety covers for small heated pools.

From 1 January 2017, the Building Act 2004 also requires residential pools, other than small heated pools with safety covers, to be inspected every three years to check the barriers.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment carried out public consultation on proposals for these manufacturer and retailer notices in September 2016.

Read the specific requirements for these notices in the New Zealand Gazette Building (Pool Manufacturers and Retailers) Notice 2017

Restricting access to residential pools has further information.