Safer way to cut vertical piles with NZ made SubBase

Cutting vertical piles to length has serious health and safety issues.  The builder has to have his head very close to see the skilsaws cut.

Not only that, but the skilsaw is noisy potentially causing hearing damage and spits dust and other particles for the builder to inhale.

Controlling the skilsaw on its side is not ideal making it too easy for it to jamb and climb out backwards.  It takes sometimes three cuts per pile.. a laborious business which takes time.

It’s far easy to cut the piles to length and attach the bearers prior to pouring the concrete which is what the SubBase  Speedy Subfloor System products have been developed for.  In particular the construction of decks, house subfloors, fences, and any job involving setting timber piles in concrete footings.

They are easily attached to the bottom of the timber piles/posts with a couple of nails or screws, before the piles/posts are placed in their footing holes. Once maneuvered into their correct position they can be braced and the concrete added. Provided concrete with the correct slump is used other components such as bearers can be added after four hours.

Using SubBase products saves time and money; the SubBase100 will allow the use of 90mm2 timber piles for decks, and generally the use of these products will promote more efficient building, cutting wastage.

Builders can even cut the piles to length before the concrete is poured, so that the days of builders cutting vertical piles to correct height are over. Cutting the piles while they are on saw stools is much safer and quicker than using a circular saw on vertical piles, especially when in some cases the piles need to be cut 200mm above ground level.

It is possible to cut to measure and fix the bearers to the piles and prop each bearer line in place before adding concrete to the footing holes.

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About Us

Paul Hayman is the Company Director, designer and creator of SubBase Speedy Subfloor System having over 35 years of experience throughout the construction industry in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.