How do I ship things to NZ that require a USA address?

Hi Pete,

I’ve found a couple of tools on Amazon that you can’t get in NZ but it says they only ship to addresses in the USA.  I don’t know anyone in the USA – what do you recommend?

Cheers, Ken


Pete the Pencil Replied:

Hi Ken,

That’s not a problem anymore. You can get free USA, UK and Europe delivery addresses supplied by NZ Post. So you buy online, send it to the address NZ Post supplies and include your unique customer number. Once it arrives there you will get an email asking which NZ address you want it sent to.

It only adds around 4 – 7 extra days but opens up a lot more options if you’re looking for something you can’t get here.

TIP: look for sites that offer Free Shipping within their own countries . That way you’ll only pay shipping to New Zealand.