Solve your tiered retention and progress claims headache. Here’s how with PayApps

Our old friend Excel has served us well but like many NZ construction businesses the task of reconciling progress claims, tiered retentions and accommodating variations using it is typically a long, arduous and manual task.  It can take hours if not days each month with the risk of human error or communication breakdowns leaving the business exposed to unnecessary risk and payment delays.

Payapps works by allowing contract parties to collaborate online on a neutral platform, automated calculations with brought forward totals factored in,  eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and reducing payment admin time by up to 80%.

With Payapps, you set up contracts online and invite parties to join via email. Automated reminder emails are sent to submit and approve claims. Conforming documentation is produced instantly and delivered by email.



  • Reduce progress claim processing time and ensure compliance documentation is always supplied.
  • Reduce risk from non-compliance events.
  • A collaborative platform for both subcontractors and head contractors.
  • Tiered retentions automatically calculated throughout the project.
  • A multi-stage approval process that puts you in charge at all times.
  • Email reminders – With timely alerts, you’ll no longer have to ‘remember’ to submit or assess a payment application.
  • Works with your existing ERP or finance systems. No need to replace the software or systems you are currently using.
  • Fast onboarding. Have your team up and running within a day.
  • Required ‘claim modification reason’ providing transparency and accurate audit trail.
  • Compliance document and variation management with automated calculations.