Terrasaw – Freehand Trenching Tool

The winner of multiple National Fieldays Invention Awards, the Terrasaw is a dedicated Portable Power Mini Trencher that provides quick, easy, and versatile trench digging when and where you need it.

Transportable in one hand, this highly portable tool is perfectly suited for use in areas with limited access. It rapidly digs a trench 40mm wide, and up to 700mm deep, with little turf or ground disturbance, which allows for rapid back-filling and quick site cleanup.

The Terrasaw is invaluable for:

CablePipe and Utility Contractors (laying data, phone, electric and other cable, pipe, gas and irrigation lines etc.).

Gardeners and Landscapers (for tasks such as garden lighting installation and lawn edging, where the need for timber boxing for concrete can be dramatically reduced).

Local Councils (utility services, maintenance and inspection, soakage lines etc.).

Farmers and Fencing Contractors (laying electric fence under-gate cable, laying alkathene water pipe, especially to troughs, digging strainer stay blocks, etc.).

Plumbers and Drain Layers (supply lines, sewer and drainage lines).

Builders (digging foundation profiles, footings, etc.).

Irrigation Installers (domestic and commercial).

Terrasaw in Action

The innovative technology and Our Patented design drives us together with our customers to be the world’s leading portable trencher manufacturer. Terrasaw the World’s first Portable Power Mini Trencher – manufactured in New Zealand. We have many products in trenching that help improve Customer and Corporate outcomes and we are active globally.