BC Update 241: Six ACP CodeMark certificates removed

All six of the original aluminium composite panel (ACP) CodeMark certificates suspended in July have been removed from the CodeMark register.

Following the suspension, two have been withdrawn by the manufacturer and four have been revoked by MBIE.

The decision to suspend the certificates followed an audit and peer review which identified there was insufficient documentation to support claims made on the certificates. Manufacturers were given until 31 October to rectify issues identified with their CodeMark certificates.

One manufacturer made the decision to withdraw their two CodeMark certificates prior to the 31 October deadline, and MBIE has revoked the other four under Section 271(3) of the Building Act 2004.

Of the four revoked certificates, two were not able to be satisfactorily revised before the deadline, and two have been revised to remove fire safety claims, and new certificates have been issued under new numbers after the manufacturers addressed the issues MBIE had identified.