Council Protocols at Alert Levels 3 & 2

Information about Councils and Council inspections.

Alert Level 3

Where possible, councils should continue to perform their statutory and regulatory functions with employees working from home. Where work cannot be carried out from home, council workers may work onsite, provided appropriate health and safety and physical distancing measures are in place.

Interaction with the public is not permitted until Level 2.

Building and construction site inspections can take place, but with appropriate safety measures in place, and avoiding close interaction where possible. Councils are encouraged to make use of technology to carry out remote inspections where possible.

At their discretion, councils may consider accepting other forms of evidence to be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the work has been carried out in accordance with the building consent; for example, a homeowner or builder may provide photographs of completed work. Homeowners or builders should make prior agreements with council staff about the forms of evidence.

Alert Level 1–2

At Alert Levels 1–2, most councils can continue as usual provided health and safety measures are in place. Physical distancing measures are required at Level 2. Interaction with the public is permitted.

Information on what health and safety measures are required is available at CHASNZ or at WorkSafe