Disposing of used PPE masks & gloves properly

We have all seen the old cardboard box overflowing with paper towels, the iconic blue gloves in carparks, gutters, and strewn about up the streets.

With the Govt and private organisations bringing millions of additional PPE items (personal protective equipment) into New Zealand, the new concern is where it will all end up?

Indie Bins www.indiebins.co.nz has just released a collection of Covid-19 customised bins that are slimline to fit well into any space, clearly labelled, and can be used as a stand alone collection point or connected up to create waste collection stations.


Indie Bins: Response Bins for Used PPE items

Cardboard boxes are ok, but it’s expected the need to collect used PPE will continue long after lockdown.  Having a long lasting, clearly labelled option that people feel good about using is a must in terms of improving behaviours around the disposal of Covid-19 waste and reducing the number of gloves on the ground we walk past each day.

The Covid-19 Indie Bins solution is ‘product only’ so there are no lock in waste collection contracts and they can be re-purposed post Covid-19 through de-contamination and re-labelling.

This means it is not just a one off purchase for our current situation, but a solution that can be useful post Covid-19 when we can all get back to improving recycling at our homes and places of work.

Visit: https://www.indiebins.co.nz/covid-19-bins



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