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Pathways Awarua is a free and fun way to improve your literacy and numeracy skills for work and for life and can help with:

  • Car licences
  • Heavy Vehicle licences
  • Health and Safety

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About Pathways Awarua

Our vision is to provide a resource that is free, fun and available to any New Zealander who wants to improve their reading, writing or numeracy for work or life.

Our pathways and modules

The 400+ learning modules are presented in sequenced pathways that are linked to the steps of the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy. As you progress along the pathways the modules introduce more complex skills and strategies.

Six pathways or collections of modules focus on literacy and numeracy:

  • Numeracy – with versions for general (everyday), trade and service industries
  • Reading – with versions for general (everyday), trade and service industries
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Number facts
  • Word fit – for vocabulary building

Three pathways deliver content for driver licences and health and safety requirements for the workplace, while at the same time strengthening learners’ literacy and numeracy competencies:

  • Car licences
  • Heavy Vehicle licences
  • Health and Safety

Each module includes a sequence of screens, which engage the users in learning tasks. The learners interact with the content through drag and drop, multi-choice, highlighter, draw, video and open-answer question types. Learners receive immediate and customised feedback on their answers. Learners accumulate points and certificates for questions answered correctly.

Our users

Learner registration:

Any adult or young adult can register and use Pathways Awarua whenever and where ever they like. Many join through a tertiary education provider or employer but they can also join and learn by themselves.

Tertiary educator registration

Tertiary educators, trainers or tutors are able to create classes for their learners. This allows the educator to view the progress of learners and to encourage their learning.
Selecting your tertiary organisation from the list at registration connects the class to the wider organisation.

Employer registration

Employers can set up groups for their employees by selecting their company from the list at registration. It is easy to get a company added to the list if it isn’t already there.

Visit the Pathways website for more information.