Managing stress in the lead up to the Xmas rush

Stress is an all too common by product of the construction boom in NZ’s construction industry. This is compounded with just four working weeks until Christmas.

Here are some ways to help both yourselves and your teams manage this extra pressure whilst minimising risks that often go hand in hand with rushing and being stressed.

Manage Client Expectations

Talk to them now about the project, be honest and realistic about what needs to be done and prepare them for the possibility deadlines may not be met due to supply issues or things out of your control. This allows them time to make other arrangements.

Be firm with clients around deadlines you need them to keep. Be clear that if they miss those then it may impact on the delivery of the project. Remind them (gently) it is a two-way street.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

Many builders and tradies find it hard to delegate or pass on work as they feel it’s easier and faster to just do it themselves’.  But that 5 minute task (that actually takes 10) that you have to do another 20 times soon adds up.

Make a list of any tasks you can delegate. Stop being a control freak hand it over to someone else!  Tips on how to delegate

Man Up

You may simply need more man power to get the job done.   Consider asking if any of your team could do some over-time. Or maybe they know someone who could help?

Call a labour hire company or construction recruitment company like Building Recruitment

Managing your own stress levels

Take a break.  A short walk, drive or change of scene.  Sit down/stop for lunch or snacks rather than eating on the go.  Get some quiet time.

Make a list of your To Dos so you don’t keep going over them in your head.

Keeping the team calm

Keep a cool head and stay  In times of chaos at work, it’s important to stay positive try and steer a steady ship.

Be empathetic, listen to employees your work mate’s issues and try and understand.

Like the old saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved.”  Talking about a problem with someone else usually makes it seem less daunting or troubling.

Slow down to speed up

It may sound back to front, but rushing causes mistakes and accidents. 2 minutes extra now might save 2 weeks off work from an accident.  Keep the site tidy, keep health and safety top of mind.