Social Sustainability Fuels Gen X interest in Point Ridge

McConnell Property General Manager, Nigel Richards says Point Ridge, an integrated housing development with onsite amenities in Albany, is finding favour with Generation X.

Of the 21 homes remaining for sale at Point Ridge, there has been particularly strong demand from Generation X buyers.

Richards believes the reason Point Ridge appeals to this demographic is because the integrated housing model represents a good example of social sustainability not found in apartments or most other housing developments. This is where the design of the physical environment is combined with a focus on how the people who live in and use a space relate to each other and function as a community.

“Building new communities that can flourish and become socially successful and sustainable is as important as designing places that are physically, economically and environmentally sustainable, he says.

Richards asserts the challenge of delivering a housing development with a strong sense of community means transposing some of the ideas of how communities used to relate and operate in the past to a more contemporary setting. And it is these concepts which he believes resonate with Generation X.

“Most Generation X’ers will have childhood memories of playing in the street with other kids, for example. So, one of the things we considered with Point Ridge is the duty of care we have to build internal environments which feel like the streets and communities we grew up in.

At Point Ridge, onsite amenities like pools, exercise facilities and common areas for people to gather at offer further ways for residents to come together.

Resident Anthea Ramohitaj, a Generation X’er who has lived at Point Ridge for just over a year, says there are many families with teenagers living there and her children feel part of a friendly community.

“The benefits of closer living are we help each other out with car-pooling and with drop offs and pick-ups to the school bus. We get to mix with other families around the pool or at the gym which helps to strengthen that sense of a connected, supportive community.”

Construction of the final terraced homes at Point Ridge were completed in December 2017, marking the end of McConnell Property’s eight-year involvement in the development.