APPs and ideas to turn chores into kids games

Keep the kids entertained AND get the housework done. If they are having fun, then they will not even realize they are cleaning and organizing the house.  Here are a few ideas.  If you have any others to share please drop them into the form below so we can publish them!

Create a Chore Competition Chart

Create a chart with various household chores, like making a bed, vacuuming, washing the windows, or carrying laundry up and down the stairs. Assigning time limits to speed up the chore can be fun, competitive among siblings and increase heart rates at the same time. You could also create a system in which when children complete a chore, they write their name in chore’s slot, and at the end of the week, the child with the most chores gets an extra special prize.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Few things are more fun than solving clues and hunting down items in a scavenger hunt. Use the built-in fun of a scavenger hunt to your advantage by implementing it into your chores. After the kids solve one of the clues, they must perform a simple household chore before they can get the next clue.

Turn Everything Into a Race

The race becomes even more important when competing against a sibling or parent. This means you can easily get them interested in doing chores by making them race against someone else in the house.

Best 10 Chores App for Kids

A chores app is basically a platform that includes many tasks to be performed throughout the day. As soon as the tasks are completed your kids can be rewarded with points or money. It makes finishing up the tasks and chores a fun-filled activity for kids. Children would love some motivation to involve in some daily tasks and the chores apps available online can go a long way in helping you achieve this. Here is a list of the 10 best chores app that you can go for.