BC Update 242: BEAL CodeMark product certification body issued notice of revocation

Following the suspension of BEAL Certification Service Limited (BCS) as a CodeMark product certification body (PCB) in September, the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) has issued a notice of revocation to BCS and has suspended BCS from all accreditation activities.

The notice of revocation is due to BCS not meeting CodeMark scheme accreditation requirements.

BCS has 40 working days to appeal the revocation. If no appeal is lodged the revocation will take effect on 17 January 2019.

BCS’s accreditation was suspended in September, and this suspension remains in place until the revocation comes into effect. While suspended BCS is not permitted to perform any of the functions of a PCB for the CodeMark scheme, including accepting or evaluating new certification applications, revision of existing certificates, or undertaking surveillance activities for existing certificate holders.

At this time, all current CodeMark product certificates issued by BCS remain valid. The certificates must be accepted as establishing compliance with the Building Code if the proposed use of the product is within the scope of the CodeMark certificate.

MBIE recommends Building Consent Authorites confirm the current status of a product certificate prior to issuing any new building consent involving existing BCS certificates, by checking the Product certificate register.