Builders Summit 2018 #1 Event for Building Company Owners

Do you scratch your head and wonder how apparently large and successful companies are going out of business in a boom?  This is a real threat and can happen to any of us.

Attend the Builders Summit 2018 with Marti Amos at the Aotea Centre, Auckland on Sept 13 and 14 and they will show you how best to avoid this and provide recipes for success, to grow within your means, understand your risk and  keep profits up.

BONUS – 2 day event for just $295 + GST  PLUS bring a friend FREE!

Learn what’s new and what’s actually working right now in NZ’s construction industry and how to fast track your growth, improve your business and your lifestyle.

Here’s what you can expect to gain at the 2018 Team & Systems Builders Summit.

No Matter Where You’re At, There Is Something For You

If you’re in start up mode doing labour only and you’re looking to start getting your own full contract project, there are sessions for you… If you’re turning over $1.3-$2.5m with a team of 3-6 and feel that every year is a photocopy of the previous then the agenda will show you the roadmap of how to make the next 12 months your best yet… Or if you’re knocking on the door of $5m and you want to buy back some of your time and want to hear from those that are 1-2 steps ahead, we have something for you.
We know you’re busy – we’ll keep it interesting
This isn’t a boring “Seminar”.  Here at The Professional Builder we don’t do things the normal way… You won’t be sitting down with pad and pen listening all day. This workshop consists of four types of sessions… networking, masterminding, fireside chats and breakouts. All designed to help you get actionable strategies, immediate results and solve problems you’re facing right at the moment.