Change of job situation? Here’s how to pitch yourself

Rethink how you should introduce yourself by starting from where you want to go – and not where you have been. Engage people with your vision, not bore them with the past.

By creating a two way dialogue with that new person, potential employer or even a new friend – give and take in the conversation is the best and only way to create a connection and start creating mutual respect to move forward.

Here’s a brilliant new way to approach when it comes to pitching yourself for a new job or new …whatever.

  • Explain how to respond when a person says, “Tell me about yourself.”
  • Recognise the main purpose of a pitch.
  • Recall the effects of a well-delivered pitch on a potential customer.
  • Identify the most important part of a pitch.
  • Summarise the difference between a backstory and a background.

Guide to Pitching Yourself