Tradies – how to get off the tools and into management

Are you looking for the chance to get off the tools and into management but struggling to get a break? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, most managers have faced the ‘How do I get a management job with little management experience?’ conundrum at some point in their careers.

That first leap towards management can often feel out of reach for those who don’t know what it takes but we’re here to help; here are three quick tips on how to land your first management job.

Do Your Research

Your first step is to find out what a manager does and how they do it. Observing and asking your own manager questions on what they do is a great place to start and if you can, shadow them for a day or two. Asking a recruiter can also be a massive help as we can fill you in on what employers are looking for when recruiting managers. Watch out for those moments where you think ‘I didn’t know that’ because those will be the areas you will need to work on. Once you’ve identified these areas, it’s important that you act and address them by taking advantage of any short courses and training programmes available to you.

Develop Your People Management Skills

One of the most crucial skills for any manager is the ability to get things done through others. Finding success here will mostly come down to how effective you are at communicating and how much respect and trust others have for you. Communication is a skill you can improve by watching how people listen, react and work in different situations, and learning how to adapt your approach to influence their behaviour. If you’re a strong communicator and have integrity in everything you do, you’ll naturally build respect and trust with those around you. To help you work on your people management, here are our top ten people skills you should focus on:

Be Proactive

No-one is going to hand you your first management job on a silver platter, those who break into management are doers. So, if there is only one thing you will take away from this article, it’s that you shouldn’t wait to be asked; instead, help wherever and whenever you can. Take responsibility for your role and beyond and you’ll eventually get your first break in management. And even if you don’t, you’ll still be far more valuable now compared to when you first started out. So, if your current role isn’t providing the opportunities you need to move forward, then consider moving on.


Management is an excellent career path for someone who has spent several years in a trade and is looking for a new challenge. Although there is a myriad of advice on how to become a manager out there, we feel the most important piece to take on board is to be proactive. If you let the right people know you want to move on with your career, they can help you learn the skills you need to get there. Good luck!

Source: One Staff