Latest handshake alternative sends a strong message

We’ve seen the East Coast Wave, the Foot Bump, and even the Wiggles Wave –  but have you tried the ‘Hand On Heart’ gesture?

Hand On Heart greeting

It’s popularity is gaining and here’s why.  It’s not new and gimmicky, it doesn’t make you look silly and it sends a strong message.

How is it done? Simply place your right hand on your hear and give a small nod whilst looking the other person in the eye.  This is a great alternative when the East Coast Wave is a little too casual and you just can’t bring yourself to foot or elbow bump – plus they are both still creating contact.

The ‘Hand On Heart’ lets the other person know you acknowledge them in a strong but friendly way, the smile is welcoming and a small nod shows respect.  It could also convey assurance that you have done your best in terms of washing hands, taking precautions and by you leading with this you might find others will too.

In cases where people who have extended shake hands are quick to “switch gears” (in the friendly sense!) when using this option.  And for extra Aroha you can step it up and go for the ‘Double Hand On Heart’.