‘Next level’ sports fuel from Manuka Performance – 20% off with Builders Base

NZ based Manuka Performance is set to disrupt the Sports Nutrition industry with a natural sports fuel for physical jobs and athletic goals.

High grade Manuka Honey and natural ingredients combine to offer a truly unique nutrition option people with physical jobs or athletic pursuits.

The effect produced by eating honey surpassed that observed in the athletes fed with glucose. This aligns with other previous studies that show honey consumption does not compromise metabolic and physical activities.

Other sports energy products contain artificial sugars, additives, flavours and preservatives.

These are unkind on the stomach, terrible on the taste-buds and questionable to athletes who want to know what they are putting into their high-performance bodies.

Sourced locally, manufactured locally and contain all-natural ingredients to give athletes that competitive edge.

Honey, which provides up to 17g of carbohydrates per spoonful has been shown to be as effective as glucose and other commercially available sports energy supplements.

Researchers observed that honey provided a significant increase in heart frequency and a fairly constant blood glucose level. These suggest that honey may in fact be better than glucose for exercise energy.

Results speak for themselves

In another trials cyclists were provided low GI (honey) or high GI (glucose) gels over a distance of about 65 km. The results of the research show that both the low GI (honey) and the high GI (glucose) substances caused increase in performance.

Fructose and glucose are ketose and aldose sugars respectively with chemical structural differences, and consequently different patterns of metabolism, despite both being monosaccharides with quick burning tendencies.

Honey releases fructose slowly into the blood stream to produce a sustained energy boost and maintain homeostasis.

The glucose in honey is rapidly absorbed into the blood for immediate energy.

The various phytochemical constituents of honey also contribute to the progressive slow rate of fructose metabolism.

We know where every drop of honey comes from, which beekeepers supplied it and where in New Zealand (to the hive location) the bees produce it.

The consumption of energy giving substances before, during and after any form of physical exercise improves the individual’s performance and increases the rejuvenation of muscles.

Try it for yourself and feel the difference. Kiwi made, all natural and exactly what your body needs.

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