New website for Brick & Blocklayers Federation keeping you informed

Since the invention and expansion of the Internet, information sharing needs have placed more a growing pressure on organisations to have good, clear, relevant information available online.

“While the Federation had a website, it was not meeting the needs and expectations of our members and the public” says BBFNZ CEO Melanie McIver.  “We were also missing opportunities to promote our amazing products and to attract members if nobody knows the good work we do”.

The Federation plans to use visitor tracking technology to ensure that the website meets the expectations of those who visit it.  Newsfeeds that promote Brick and Blocklayer training events, product release announcements and stories of interest are planned to keep members engaged and updated.

Affiliated association members and manufacturers are sent electronic newsletters to alert them to new information as it is placed online.

“We are also keen to get feedback – if you couldn’t find it, or be directed to it on our website then we want you to tell us” Ms McIver says and encourages visitors to email the Federation on [email protected] and request information is placed on line.

The Federation do acknowledge that information is currently very thin at the moment while it understands what information visitors want.

Visit: BBFNZ