Local software ‘Rave Build’ provides better deal for Kiwi builders

Local provider Rave Build has stepped up with end to end functionality, NZ specific financial integration, local support and billing.

Barry Ward, Rave Build’s CEO says being a Kiwi and developing our software right here in New Zealand for over 12 years provides a number of benefits overseas companies cannot compete with.

“We have a fantastic new Budget Management system to quickly quote projects, fixed pricing or cost plus/charge up. We can produce client proposals right the way through to quotes, purchase, invoices and bills, and our dashboard enables the likes of group home builders visibility and reporting of their franchisee network or sub accounts.”

For an average builder running 4 to 5 new builds a year with 1-3 user logins, the monthly cost for Rave is approximately $167+gst per month. This compares with USA providers which stack up around $700 per month.

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