Structural steel guides released and available here for download

Steel Construction New Zealand is pleased to announce the publication of the “New Zealand Structural Steelwork Specification in Compliance with AS/NZS 5131” and “New Zealand Guide to the Sourcing of Compliant Structural Steels“.

SCNZ has created the NZ Structural Steelwork Specification in Compliance with AS/NZS 5131. This generic specification has been configured to apply to general structural steel framing for buildings and structures. The specification is intended to be the implementation tool used to embed the requirements of the recently published New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5131 (Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection) into New Zealand engineering and steelwork procurement practice. The specification:

  • Presents a standardised template for creating project-specific and/or company specific specifications for structural steelwork.
  • Relies on AS/NZS 5131 for the definition of good practice.
  • Provides editable AS/NZS 5131 project-specific selections for you to configure the specification for your particular project or company.
  • Provides the structure to define the Construction Category for your project or component.

The intent of this document is to standardise the specification of structural steelwork requirements across New Zealand. This will significantly increase efficiencies in project delivery and cost, improve quality and compliance, and provide long term value. In combination with ‘Steel Fabrication Certification’ (SFC) of SCNZ Structural Steel Contractors, our community can expect minimised risk, fit-for-purpose, value engineered outcomes for structural steelwork projects in New Zealand.

This document is designed to be updated regularly based on review and feedback received. SCNZ encourages you to provide feedback to improve the document.


The globalisation of structural steel supply chains for New Zealand building and infrastructure projects means more robust procurement practices are required to demonstrate product conformity than are currently stipulated in the relevant material supply standards and the New Zealand building regulations.

Accordingly, SCNZ has developed the New Zealand Guide to Sourcing Compliant Structural Steels in collaboration with HERA. The Guide will simplify the local practice for demonstrating the conformity of structural steels.

The Guide applies a risk-based approach to determine what evidence of conformity is warranted for structural steels. In particular, it identifies if project-specific, third-party testing of any steel is required.

For a copy of the Guide to Sourcing Compliant Structural Steels Fact Sheet, click here.

Source: SCNZ